Call for Experiences – Does a criminal record have an impact on social housing?

by / Friday, 07 August 2015 / Published in Latest, News & Media

Under the Localism Act 2011, local authorities and social housing providers have some discretion to exclude people on the grounds of “unacceptable behaviour”. As we cover on our Information Hub, we’ve seen examples of local authorities applying filters towards people with convictions.

As part of our policy work, we want to understand more about if, and how, criminal records are having an impact on peoples’ ability to get, or indeed keep, social housing.

We’re gathering information and experiences to help us to better understand the situation as it stands.

Questions we’re looking for answers to include:

  1. Has your housing situation been affected by a criminal record? If so, how?
  2. Have you been refused a tenancy on the basis of a criminal record or been evicted as a result of a criminal record? If so, please tell us the procedures that were used, the questions you were asked and also if family members including children were affected.
  3. Have you come across any blanket policies being used by local authorities or housing associations? If so, which ones?

More information can be found on our social housing policy page.


Sending us your experiences

You can get send your experiences by email to If it helps, use the questions above as a guide.

Also, although it’s not required, it’s helpful if you can provide your name, contact details, the details of the criminal record involved, and any other personal details you think are relevant. Copies of documentation are also helpful.

Any personal details that you send us will be entirely confidential and will not be shared outside of Unlock without your express permission.

For more details on sending your details to us, click here.

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