We’re quoted in Telegraph article – “Ched Evans: what would his critics have him do now?”

by / Wednesday, 07 January 2015 / Published in News & Media, News on policy issues, Unlock in the media

We’re quoted in an article in The Telegraph published today. You can read the article here. An extract of the quote from Unlock is below;

Christopher Stacey, director of services at Unlock – a charity which provides support for people dealing with the effects of criminal convictions – agrees that the ideal outcome would be one in which Evans were able to use his footballing skills to earn a living.

Whether this is at a League One club or in a less public role, Stacey argues that he has to find some way to become an active member of society again.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for what people should do when they come out of prison,” Stacey says. “In most cases, there’s no legal reason why people can’t return to their previous employers – but their employers have no obligation to take them back, so this can give them false hope.”

He cites research showing that 93 per cent of employers who would be unwilling to take on someone who they knew had been convicted of a sexual offence – the same proportion as those who would be unwilling to take on a candidate who had been convicted of murder.

Other studies have found that people with a criminal conviction – whatever their level of education – are more likely to end up among the lowest earners than people who never completed secondary education and those with learning difficulties.

“The people we work with do tend to end up being unemployed or at a lower level in their careers, earning less, than they were. And that’s a shame,” Stacey says.

“People who have committed offences clearly need to serve their sentences, then as far as possible return to the things they are qualified and skilled and able to do.

“We shouldn’t put unnecessary obstacles in their way, because often, as a society, we end up paying for that down the line.”


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