Updates to the DBS filtering process

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December has seen a couple of updates from the Disclosure & Barring Service regarding the filtering process.

Nothing has substantially changed – it’s simply that the DBS are trying to improve the way that they’re explaining how the filtering process works.

So what has changed?

Firstly, the DBS has updated their list of offences that will never be filtered. This increases the list of offences to over 1,000, as well as those offences such as attempting or conspiring to commit the offences listed). This update isn’t the result of a change in the law – it comes from the Home Office, who are trying to produce a list that is more accurate and easier to use. Unfortunately, they still haven’t produced a list of offences that would be eligible for filtering so long as they meet the other criteria (which we’ve suggested would be useful).

Secondly, the DBS has updated their filtering guidance. Helpfully, they’ve given some advice to employers on how they should change their application forms to ask a more accurate question which takes into account filtering.

Although we’re not the publishers of these two pieces of information, we always appreciate feedback on what you think about them, and particularly in raising any issues that you find, so that we can raise them with the Home Office and DBS. Please get in touch.

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