Unlock comment on the Ched Evans case

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Yesterday, we spoke on Channel 5 News at 6.30pm

This morning, we appeared on BBC Breakfast at 7.40am.

Our Co-Director Christopher Stacey, has written a piece on his blog.


Press/media contact: Christopher Stacey, Co-Director christopher.stacey@unlock.org.uk / 07557 676433

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4 Comments to “ Unlock comment on the Ched Evans case”

  1. Dave says :

    I hear you but I disagree. Footballers are role models and lead very public lives. What he did was despicable and will haunt the victim for the rest of her life. Furthermore he refuses to accept his guilt which sends a very poor message to youngsters. If Ched wanted to lead a public life as a footballer he should have considered his actions more carefully than he did.

  2. Pedro says :

    If there is no admitance of guilt or any remorse for the situation that led him to getting into that situation, then why does he deserve to be admited back into the workplace?

    would any other employment welcome back a convicted rapist with open arms, especially as no remorse is being shown?

    save your sympathy for those who actually need it!

  3. Gary says :

    Dave, did you read this article at all? He addresses every point you make in your comment.

  4. Dave says :

    If someone wants to employ him, that’s fine. If someone would rather not employ him due to his conviction, that’s understandable.