We run a number of different training courses and workshops for different groups of people. There are links to more information about each of these below:


Criminal records webinar on 16th September 2020 – Booking now open


Face-to-face training

‘Advising with Conviction’ and ‘Supporting with Conviction’ courses

Do you help people with convictions? We provide criminal record disclosure training to practitioners to help you better support those that you work with in understanding if, what, when and how to disclose their criminal record.


‘Admissions with Conviction’ course

Do you work in universities? We provide workshops to university admissions professionals to help you to develop policies and practices so that you are dealing fairly with applicants that have criminal records.


‘Employing with Conviction’ course

Do you deal with criminal records and recruitment?  Over 250,000 criminal record checks each year in England & Wales disclose criminal record information. People with criminal records are an untapped talent pool that can help your business get the skills and experiences that you’re struggling to find. We provide expert training for employers, HR professionals and recruiters on all issues relating to the collection, disclosure and management of criminal record information, as well as how to go about proactively recruiting people with criminal records.


‘Leading Charities with Conviction’ workshop

Charity rules that can prevent certain people with convictions from being trustees and holding certain senior managers are a real risk to the authenticity of charities and their ability to lead by example and include their beneficiaries in their leadership teams. We run workshops to support charities to understand the rules and how to establish policies and practices to ensure that the rules do not prevent suitable people from being involved in charities.


‘Moving on with Conviction’ workshop

Do you provide services to groups of people with convictions? We run two-hour disclosure workshops to groups of people with convictions to help them understand how to overcome the issues they might face as a result of having a criminal record.

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