Details of the Supreme Court hearing

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As part of our work to wipe DBS clean of old and minor criminal records, I wanted to post the details of the Supreme Court hearing. (We’ll update this post with more specific details as and when we have them.)

The case is listed to be heard over 3 days, starting Tuesday 19th June.

The case numbers are as follows:

  1. P G W – Case No. UKSC 2017/0121
  2. Gallagher – Case No. UKSC 2016/0195

You can watch the hearing through the Supreme Court website.

Members of the public can attend the Supreme Court. Find out more details about visiting the court.

We’ll be at the court for all three days, and we’ll be tweeting using the hashtag #DBSfiltering.

There is no date for when the judgment will be handed down. The latest developments will be posted here.

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