Spent convictions still on your DVLA record? Is this causing you a problem?

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The DVLA keep details of motoring offences for 4 or 11 years, depending on the offence. They keep drink and drug-related offences for 11 years. This is much longer than it will normally take for a motoring offence to become spent, which is currently 5 years because of the endorsement attached to motoring offences.

Over the years, there’s been problems with the fact that these stayed on paper counterparts, but since the DVLA abolished paper counterparts, this problem (in theory at least) was reduced.


We’re investigating!

We know that DVLA’s records of driving offences include spent convictions, but that they don’t share spent convictions with third parties.

However, we’ve had reports that employers, car hire companies and insurers are asking people to print off their own driver records. This can be a problem if you have spent convictions on your driver record.


Help us – Send us your experiences

We’re looking for more evidence of people who are being affected by this.

Do you have spent convictions on your DVLA record and have been asked by a third-party (e.g. an employer, car-hire company or insurer) to print your own driver record and share it with them. If you’ve done this, has it caused you problems? If so, get in touch.

You can send the details, in confidence, to policy@unlock.org.uk.

Ideally, we’re looking for:

  1. Details of your driver record which shows a spent conviction
  2. Details of who you were asked to share this with
  3. Details of any problems it caused

Also, although it’s not required, it’s helpful if you can provide your name, contact details and any other personal details you think are relevant. A copy of your driver record would also be helpful.

Any personal details that you send us will be entirely confidential and will not be shared outside of Unlock without your express permission.

You can send the details, in confidence, to policy@unlock.org.uk.

For more details on sending your details to us, click here.


Written by Christopher Stacey, Co-Director of Unlock


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We’re working to ensure that third parties don’t have access to spent driving convictions.

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1 Comment to “ Spent convictions still on your DVLA record? Is this causing you a problem?”

  1. To understand your situation, could I ask the following; you say that your DR10 conviction “is now spent” – can I ask when you were convicted of this offence?

    This will help me to understand whether this should be happening.