Some examples of people we’ve helped

Looking back over the last couple of months, we’ve written up a few examples of the people we’ve helped.

We hope they give a good idea of how we help people.

However, more importantly than our role, we think that these examples show how people with convictions are able to overcome some of the barriers that have been put in their way due to their criminal record.

We’ve posted the examples below as case studies in the support section of our website:


Christopher – Providing information to enable an individual to challenge an ineligible enhanced DBS check with their employer

Daniel – Google links were haunting me and keeping my conviction alive

Lucy – I lost a job because I didn’t realise the impact of a ‘relevant’ order

Paige – Nearly ‘sacked’ from being a trustee for failing to voluntarily disclose my conviction

Ryan – Suspended from my job because my employers didn’t understand the filtering legislation

Sadie – Stopped from continuing my education as a result of my partner’s conviction

Virginia – Filtering legislation means I still have to disclose my one conviction from 20 years ago


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