What is it?

Don’t take a tick box approach to your recruitment. Remove the criminal record tick box from application forms; ask about candidates’ criminal convictions later.

The aim of the Ban the Box campaign is to increase the opportunity for people with convictions to compete for jobs. We’re promoting the campaign as part of our fair access to employment project and to encourage ‘fair chance recruitment’ practices by employers in the UK.

We believe that, by banning the box, employers are better able to consider convictions at a more appropriate stage in the recruitment process, and at the same time are able to give people with convictions a better opportunity to compete for jobs. Far too often we hear from people who are unable to get past the application part of a recruitment process simply because they have to tick ‘yes’ to the questions about convictions. For employers, the end goal has to be to try and find the best person for the job, and with over 11 million people in the UK with a criminal record, banning the box about convictions is one simple step towards this goal. Behind the scenes, we work with employers to help them put the principles of this campaign into practice in their company, using our knowledge and experience of working with both individuals who have convictions as well as employers who are actively looking to improve their recruitment policies and practices.

Ban the box is part of our fair chance recruitment principles. The concept originates from the United States (where they’re known as ‘fair chance hiring’ practices) and they have ‘Ban the Box’ at the heart of changes in employer recruitment practice. All of Us or None and the National Employment Law Project in particular have promoted this in the United States.

The campaign was launched in the UK in 2013, co-founded by Business in the Community, Unlock and others

Why should employers ban the box?

We’ve got information about why it’s important for employers to ban the box on our website for employers, Recruit!

Which employers have banned the box?

See the full list of employers who have banned the box on the Business in the Community website.

What’s our approach to recruitment?

Find out more about Unlock’s approach to recruitment here.

Latest news

See the bottom of this page for our latest posts about this work. You can also follow the latest on Twitter

Interactive video

There is a great interactive video that helps you to understand the importance of banning the box.


Find out more about our fair access to employment project.

For information about why it’s important to ban the box, visit the Ban the Box page on Recruit!.

You can learn more about the campaign at

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Latest news on Ban the Box

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