Working in a ‘regulated’ role, industry or sector? We’re looking for examples

A common message we get from people with convictions is that they think it’s impossible to find (and keep) work in ‘regulated’ roles, industries and sectors.

Likewise, in our work with employers, there are lots of myths from employers, thinking that they can’t employ somebody with a conviction, because their industry or sector is ‘regulated’ in some way.

Technically speaking, there is rarely a rule that prevents people from being employed in a particular role; it’s usually up to the discretion of the employer or regulator, depending on the sector of work.


What are we looking for?

We want to highlight what other people have done, so that this will give confidence to both people with convictions, and employers in particular sectors.

So we’re putting a call-out for examples of individuals who have been employed in some of the common ‘regulated’ industries and sectors. We want to show people that it is possible. We also want to show other employers how they could go about things better by learning from others.


What types of work are we looking at?

We’re looking for people to get in touch with us who have convictions and who have been employed in sectors where it is more common for ‘DBS checks’ to be done. This includes:

  1. Financial services (e.g. FCA-approved roles, banking industry, insurance sector)
  2. Security industry (e.g. working as a doorman)
  3. Legal profession (e.g. solicitors, barristers, paralegals)
  4. Criminal justice system (e.g. probation officer, working in prisons, courts, police)
  5. Health and social care (e.g. NHS, social worker)
  6. Education (e.g. teacher, lecturer)

We’re keen to hear about other examples from other sectors too – the list is potentially endless!


What are we looking for?

We’re not looking for specific details. So we don’t need to know the specific employer, or your specific conviction details.

What we are looking for is situations where:

  1. You’ve been employed in a particular ‘regulated’ industry or profession, and where
  2. You had convictions which you were asked about during the recruitment process, which you disclosed, and where;
  3. The employers’ (or regulators) decision was to ultimately employ you.


What will we do with these examples?

We’re looking to pull together a number of anonymous examples (no personal details will be shared) to put on our Information Hub.

We’ll also be working with BITC (Business in the Community) to produce a resource that will be used with employers (again, no specific details will be shared).


Are you able to help?

As always, with this type of work, we need your help.

If you think you fit the bill for this, please send us:

  1. The type of role/industry/sector that you’ve been employed in
  2. The broad details of your convictions (we don’t need specific details, but details like how long ago it was, what the type of offence was, and the type of sentence you received)
  3. How the employer dealt with your conviction during their recruitment process
  4. If there’s any other useful information, please include that too.

You can send this by email to

Any personal details that you send us will be entirely confidential and will not be shared outside of Unlock without your express permission.

For more details on sending your details to us, click here.

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