With the Christmas break almost upon us and 2019 coming to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on the last 12 months at Unlock and the developments relating to criminal records. Once again it’s been an incredibly busy year for us, with lots of positive news and progress to report in terms of

Last week, more than a year since the consultation closed, the Cabinet Office published a summary of responses to their Call for Evidence (CfE) on employing people with convictions. But what does this summary of responses mean for the future? This blog looks at some of the promising signs, some areas for improvement, and questions

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Bloomsbury Institute becomes the first higher education provider to Ban the Box for all. Bloomsbury Institute in London is the first higher education provider in the UK to adopt Ban the Box principles for staff as well as students, a move that could encourage other universities to follow suit. The Ban the Box campaign is

This blog is the lived experience of a charity working within the criminal justice system that was recently successful in getting a waiver from the Charity Commission for a Trustee applicant that was “disqualified” because of their criminal record. The blog has been written by the charity itself (including input from the charity’s chief executive

The 28th March saw a Westminster Hall debate on the disclosure of youth criminal records (read here or watch here). This followed the publication of the Justice Select Committee’s report on the subject, back in 2017. The report itself was a result of the Committee’s inquiry into disclosure of youth criminal records, launched in 2016,

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Unlock has today published new research that shows the vast majority of national companies continuing to have criminal record declarations as a core part of their initial job application forms. Marking the 5-year anniversary of the Ban the Box campaign, the findings reveal the extent to which national employers have failed to recognise the negative

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Unlock, the leading independent charity for people with convictions, was last night awarded the prestigious Longford Prize 2016 for its work in countering the sometimes life-long disadvantage that can result from having a criminal record. The Longford Prize is an annual award from the Longford Trust which ‘recognises the contribution of an individual, group or

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Quite understandably, David Cameron’s speech on Monday was applauded for being the first one dedicated to prison reform by a Prime Minister in over 20 years. Interestingly though, as he set out his ‘agenda for a revolution in the prison system’, one of the things that caught Unlock’s attention appeared towards the end of his

Christopher Stacey has written a piece for Russell Webster’s blog, which has been published today. We have provided a copy of the text below. The original is available here.      Christopher Stacey, Co-Director at Unlock – for people with convictions, is the latest to set out his top three priorities for the new Justice Secretary

Latest Parliament Committee recommends Government consider a statutory “ban the box” For more latest news, you can: see the posts at the bottom of this page click here for a full list of news posts sign up our mailing list to receive updates by email follow the latest on Twitter using the hashtag #FairChanceUK The problem Many employers

Key issues

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Here we set out the key issues we’re focusing on as part of our policy and campaign work. Separately, we’ve set out our priorities for government. Campaigns #FairChecks movement – Unlock partnered with the charity Transform Justice to launch the #FairChecks movement to help push for a fresh start for the criminal records system.  Ban

Case studies & our success stories

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This page highlights some of the case studies and success stories that have come about as a result of our: Support for individuals Policy & campaign work Support for practitioners Work with employers Work with other organisations We also feature personal success stories as part of our online magazine, theRecord. 1. Case studies and success stories

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