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What would you like to receive from us?

There are currently 8 types of emails that we send through our public mailing list. These are explained below (with roughly how often we send them).

  1. Quarterly newsletter – This is sent to everyone on our public mailing list and provides a summary of our other updates, so is ideal if you don’t want many emails from us – sent once every 3 months.
  2. theRecord – Details of the latest stories and contributions to our online magazine – sent roughly twice a month. To help keep theRecord running, we occasionally send out adverts paid for by other organisations that we think might be of interest to people with convictions.
  3. Unlock news – Latest news and updates relating to Unlock, including our policy work, news & media, and vacancies – sent on an ad hoc basis
  4. News/updates for people with convictions – Includes updates to (our self-help information site) and developments to our other services – sent once a month
  5. News/updates for employers and recruiters – Includes information relating to recruiting people with convictions, latest developments and useful resources – sent on an ad hoc basis
  6. News/updates for front-line practitioners – Includes news relating to people with convictions, useful resources and training opportunities – sent on an ad hoc basis
  7. Press releases – These are sent to the relevant groups above. To receive these directly as and when they are published, sign up to our press release list.
  8. News on our Fair Access to Employment project – includes updates relating to this work.

We also produce a quarterly ‘supporter newsletter’ which is sent to our donors.

You can also sign up to our press release list.



Most of the emails we send to our mailing list are also published as posts on our website.

However, you can also view an archive of our mailouts.


Notes about our mailing list

  • All subscribers to our public mailing list will receive our quarterly newsletter, which provides a summary of our work.
  • When we send emails, they will show in your inbox as coming from ‘Unlock’ – we do not put ‘for people with convictions’ in the subject line.
  • Once you’ve subscribed online, you’ll be sent an activation link to your email address, which you need to click to activate to start receiving updates from us.
  • Once you’re signed up, you can manage what you receive by using the “update subscription preferences” links at the bottom of any mailing that we send.



Updating what emails you get from us

If you’re already signed up to our mailing list, you can add or edit what you receive from us. This is known as ‘updating your subscription preferences’. You can do this in two ways:

  1. You’ll find a link to ‘update your subscription preferences’ at the bottom of every email that we send.
  2. If you enter the email address you’ve used for our mailing list here, you’ll be told you’re already subscribed, and you’ll be shown a link to update your profile.

We regularly update the types of emails that we send out, so if you’re on our mailing list, we will occasionally (roughly once a year) email and ask you to check to make sure you’re signed up to receive everything that you’re interested in. Otherwise, you might be missing out!



You can unsubscribe from our public mailing list at any time. Simply click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of one of the emails we’ve sent. But before you do, if it’s because you’re getting too many emails from us, you can update your subscription preferences instead and choose to receive less.

Press release list

Separate to our public mailing list, you can separately sign up to specifically receive our press releases.


Trouble receiving our emails?

Internet service providers, email services and IT departments all work hard to protect you from all spam, yet this sometimes means that the emails you actually want get lost too.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you get our emails:

Check what you’re signed up to receive

Enter your email address here. If you’re signed up, you’ll be given a link to update your profile, where you can check what you’re signed up to receive.

Our email addresses:

The email address we send emails from depends on what you’ve signed up to receive, but will include,,, and

Your email software:

Put our email addresses (above) in your ‘safe sender’ list. You may also want to put the domain in the list. Hotmail & Gmail users, add our emails to your address book and you will always get the email.

Your anti-spam software:

If you have anti spam software running on your machine such as Norton or Spam Assassin, add our email addresses (above) and our domain to the safe sender list.

Your IT Department or ISP (Internet Service Provider):

If you are still struggling, the chances are your IT department or your ISP is blocking our emails before it even gets near your machine. Please advise your ISP and IT department to allow emails to come through to you from our email addresses and from our IP address This is called ‘whitelisting’. If you aren’t getting the email, many others will be missing out too.

If all else fails get a new email address…

If all else fails, get a new email address. We recommend Gmail, as it offers big storage and so far we’ve had no complaints from Gmail users that they don’t receive the email.

For further help please contact us at



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