Using our websites

Through our websites, we share news about our work and developments that are relevant to criminal records.

  1. Our main site focuses on news about policy issues we’re working on, our work with employers, the training and support we provide to practitioners, and general developments at Unlock
  2. Our information site focuses on practical news and information that’s relevant to people with convictions
  3. Our online magazine focuses on the personal stories of people with a criminal record
  4. Our online forum provides peer-to-peer support for people with convictions.

Comments can be left on our main site, information site and online magazine using Disqus. Find out more. Comments can be left on the forum, but you have to be someone with a criminal record and need to register first.


Sending updates to those subscribed to our mailing list

Our mailing list is always growing, and provides a simple and effective way for us to share latest news, information updates and press releases that relate to people with convictions.

We send a range of emails. What you receive is up to you – you can choose to receive as much or as little as you want. Find out more about the emails we send or sign up to our mailing list.

We also send out our press releases by email. You can sign up to specifically receive our press releases.


Through social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

We use social media to engage with a range of audiences. It’s a quick and simple way for us to share and comment on news and developments.

You can interact with us on social media by:

  1. Tweeting to us
  2. Posting on our Facebook page
  3. Posting on a YouTube video of ours
  4. Posting on our LinkedIn page

Please note: We generally don’t provide advice via social media. This is for a range of reasons, including data protection and privacy issues. If you contact us for advice via social media, we will normally suggest individuals contact our helpline.

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