The support we provide to people with convictions is independent and charitably funded. Our unique approach enables us to not only use our resources wisely to deliver practical information, advice and support, but also to listen to the problems that people are facing so that we can raise these issues at a policy level to try and achieve systemic changes.

To do this, we rely on the support of people like you, so that we continue to operate as a charity.

There’s a range of ways that you can support us. This page explains some of the ways, based on how much time or resource you have. There’s also more details on how you can support us financially here.


Got some time? How much…?

5 minutes

(a) sign up for our email updates – select the different types of emails that you’d like to receive from us

(b) follow us on Twitter – our Twitter handle is @unlock2000. Please share, tweet or comment on what we put out via Twitter

(c) spread the word however you can – feel free to raise awareness of our websites, share our organisations publications, and link to our downloadable resources and materials

An hour

If you’ve got convictions, share your story by writing something for our online magazine, theRecord.

In particular, we’re always keen to feature success stories as this helps us to give confidence, hope and inspiration to others that we work with.

A couple of hours a week

(a) Be an active forum contributor

Our forum is run on the principle of peer support. It’s a place for people to share their views and experiences, and also raise awareness of issues that people with convictions are facing. It’s also a place that people go to for support. That’s why we’re always keen to encourage people with convictions to be active contributors. Find out more about being an active forum contributor.

(b) Research and produce information for our self-help information site

We have a small team of Information Hub researchers who volunteer their time and expertise to help us maintain and develop the information we have on our information site, More details can be found in the vacancies section of this site.

A couple of days a week

Consider volunteering for us to help us to deliver the support we provide – details can be found in the vacancies section of this site.


Not got time? Perhaps you….?

Just want to give to a good cause

You can set up a regular monthly donation  or simply make a one off donation. There’s also other ways you can support us financially, such as making a grant to Unlock, remembering Unlock in your will, raising money through sponsorship and raising money online.

Have some good contacts

Please introduce us – we’re always looking for people who support our work and who are in a position to support or influence the changes that we’re working for. Send them our details, or send us theirs.

Can give some pro-bono support

We’re always keen to hear from individuals who have professional skills or services that they are willing to provide ‘pro-bono’ to help us provide our support. This might include you offering to provide pro-bono:

  • Legal advice to our Helpline
  • Training services to our staff and volunteers
  • Graphic design for our websites, materials and resources
  • Printing services for our marketing, so we can more widely raise awareness
  • Office/computer equipment, so we can help more people

Please email, with the subject line “Pro-bono support”, and provide us with more details or the skills/services that you’d like to offer.

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