Christopher Stacey,   argues for more reforms, based partly on his research into how other countries deal with the issue of criminal convictions and disclosure. Read more… Press & media
In this article, originally published as a Clinks Guest Blog, I share my thoughts on the challenges that are emerging from the changing relationship between the voluntary sector and probation service provision. This is the first of two blogs – the second will look at how I see the voluntary sector responding.      
RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) have published an article in their ‘Outside In’ magazine, which explains the work that Unlock did with RBS to open up access to basic bank accounts for people in prison before release. You can read the article here.
Christopher Stacey has written a piece for Russell Webster’s blog, which has been published today. We have provided a copy of the text below. The original is available here.      Christopher Stacey, Co-Director at Unlock – for people with convictions, is the latest to set out his top three priorities for the new Justice Secretary
Christopher Stacey argues that rehabilitation for the convicted must mean proper access to opportunities. To read his recently published article for Criminal Justice Matters , please continue  
We’re quoted on the GOTHINKBIG website in an article how to get a job when you have a conviction. You can read the article here.  An extract of the quote from Unlock is below; ….there are organisations out there who specifically deal with people who might need a little more help. Unlock helps people with convictions
We’ve written an article for Inside Time on the ‘filtering of convictions. You can read the article here.
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Last night we contributed to a discussion on BBC Radio West Midlands, which looked at the case of Natalie Atkinson, and looked at the role of employers in giving people with convictions a second chance. You can listen to the programme below:
Denis MacShane, former MP and former prisoner, argues in a feature for this months’ Financial World magazine, that the financial services industry needs to do more to help discharged prisoners reintegrate into society. Thanks to Financial World, you can download the specific article here. The two main issues that Denis raises are that of bank accounts and
We’ve written an article for The Justice Gap, arguing that the ‘filtering’ process doesn’t go far enough. You can read the article here.
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Christopher Stacey, Co-Director, Unlock comments on the issues discussed in a recent Ban the Box webinar. Quite rightly, the Ban the Box campaign is focused on a specific issue, that being the tick-box that appears on many job application forms,  frightening the life out of somebody who has a criminal record. Many people with convictions see
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We’ve recorded a piece with the Prison Radio Association as part of their ‘Outside In’ programme, which is run in partnership with the BBC andgets aired across the prison radio network. Christopher Stacey spoke about the changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and what this means for people serving a prison sentence. You can