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Linked to the launch of Time is Money, we’ve written a Think Piece for the Chartered Insurance Institute. You can read the article here.

Today we were featured in a Daily Mail article which looked at how minor convictions can have a huge impact on your insurance. You can read the article here. The article was also featured on the thisismoney.co.uk website.

Today we’ve launched guidance with the ABI (Association of British Insurers), to both insurers and individuals, to try to help people to understand what they do and don’t have to disclose, and what insurers should and shouldn’t ask for. The guidance is available to download here. This news was released via the Mail on Sunday

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Unlock has joined up with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to produce guidance for consumers and insurers on the complex issue of criminal convictions and insurance. According to government figures, more than 8 million people in England and Wales have a criminal conviction and one in three men are convicted by the age of

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As part of the launch of Time is Money, we worked with the Independent to publish a detailed piece yesterday. This is available here. Following the launch today, we were also featured in: BBC News – Ex-prisoners ‘need access to financial services’ thisismoney – ‘Give prisoners bank accounts’ MSN – Ex-prisoners ‘need help from banks’ Banking Times – ‘Call for action on financial exclusion

We’ve worked with the Independent to develop a detailed article on the issues around access to banking for people in prison.

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We’ve contributed to a really positive article which featured in todays Mail on Sunday, looking at the work that Barclays are doing, with our support, in opening bank accounts for people in prison before they are released. Update – 28th September This has been followed by an article in the Guardian today, and we also

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We are part of a group of consumers groups that are pushing for changes to insurance law, which was featured in this article in the Financial Times.

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We contributed to a discussion on Radio 4’s Money Box about the progress being made on access to bank accounts for people in prison

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We’ve contributed to a BBC Solent discussion about access to banking for people in prison. You can listen to the piece below.

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This month we’ve written a letter in Inside Time which explains the importance of access to bank accounts, and the progress made so far.

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Clip from BBC One programme “Rip Off Britain” with Jennie Bond, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford. Warning about how 7 million insurance policies could be useless because someone in the house has a criminal conviction. Features Unlock.

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