Anne contacted our helpline when she required advice and support around an appeal hearing she was going through with her university. Anne had been studying for a PhD. She passed her oral examination subject to some minor corrections just over two years ago and a submission date for the completed thesis was set for a couple of months

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Looking back over the last couple of months, we’ve written up a few examples of the people we’ve helped. We hope they give a good idea of how we help people. However, more importantly than our role, we think that these examples show how people with convictions are able to overcome some of the barriers

  Alistair contacted us after a decision by a supermarket to revoke their delivery driver job offer to him following disclosure of a conviction which had come back on a basic criminal record check. Alistair said that before he’d applied for the job he’s checked to see the status of his conviction and had been

  Alan contacted us for some information about applying to come off the Sexual Offences Register. He was on the register indefinitely and so far had been on it for almost 15 years. He had found it almost impossible to get a job and has only had one short term temporary position since 2001. He’d

  Davina contacted us for some assistance with an employment dispute. She had been employed as a dental receptionist having been recruited by a friend (who was the Practice Manager). The manager was aware of her previous convictions which included shoplifting and driving offences but as the recruitment process was very informal, Davina wasn’t asked

Gary contacted our helpline after being told by the university at which he was studying that, as a result of his criminal conviction, they would be permanently excluding him. Gary explained that he had been studying Civil Engineering when on the way home from a friend’s house one night, he was assaulted by a stranger in

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Adam and his wife had recently applied to be adoptive parents. In the last eighties, he had been convicted of using threatening language and fined £75. Until 2009 old and minor convictions such as this could be ‘stepped-down’ by the police and so were not disclosed on an enhanced checks. As a result, Adam didn’t disclose

Neil was working for a security company when his licence expired. He was shocked when the Security Industry Authority refused to renew it after changing its policies so that it no longer employed anyone who had been in prison for more than 24 months. Neil had a three-year prison sentence dating back 28 years. “It

Ivan contacted Unlock for some support. He had received a conviction for common assault following an argument with his wife and had received a two year community service order. Ivan had been married for 19 years and had a 16 year old son. The marriage had not been happy for some time and the conviction

Brenda contacted Unlock about problems she was having with her insurance: “About 4 years ago, my partner was sent to prison for a couple of months. When he came out, we wanted to get our lives back together, which, although not easy, we have managed to some extent.   However, recently, my husband dropped a

Jenny contacted Unlock after she’d made a claim on her insurance: “My car was stolen a year or so ago and my house was damaged as they smashed the window to steal the car keys. As a result, I had to have my locks changed overnight. I put in a claim to my insurers. The

In 2009, the case of arson victim Michelle Hooley made front-page national news. A short and tumultuous marriage led to her request for divorce. When her estranged husband burned down her house, her insurers saved the day. After 18 months in temporary accommodation with her children, an anonymous phone call informed the insurer that, four

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