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Pheobe contacted our helpline as she wanted clarification that her conviction was spent and did not need to be disclosed when applying to become a member of the Board of Governors at her child’s school. We explained to Pheobe that generally school governor roles were exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders 1974 and would usually

Jennifer contacted our helpline when she was applying for a job as the Chief Executive Officer of a large, well-known organisation. She explained that the wording on the application form was a little unclear as it asked: Do you have any cautions or convictions? Jennifer was also unsure whether her conviction was spent and wanted

Terence contacted our helpline when he needed some advice on behalf of himself and his partner. Following his conviction, Terence had been placed on the sex offenders register. As part of his notification requirements, he was required to notify the public protection officer at his local police station of any new relationships. Shortly after being

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William contacted us for some advice after the company that he’d applied to work for had revoked his job offer upon receipt of his standard Disclosure and Barring Service check. William told us that the job he’d applied for involved selling IT equipment to financial institutions. He had been told that it was not a

Paul contacted our helpline as he wanted some help and advice about getting back into work after receiving a conviction for a sexual offence. Paul explained that he’d had an exemplary work record until he disclosed his conviction to his employer. Although he had worked for the same organisation for a considerable amount of time,

Nick contacted our helpline as he wanted some help and reassurance over a situation he’d found himself in with a new employer. Nick told us that when he was growing up, he’d ‘got in with the wrong crowd’ and received several cautions and convictions. They were all for very minor things but he felt very ashamed

Max contacted our helpline as he needed some help in applying for a new job. In particular, he wanted advice as to what his chances of success would be when an employer saw the details of his criminal record on his Disclosure and Barring certificate which related to a violent offence. Max explained that he was

Kevin contacted our helpline as he needed some help applying to a website to request the removal of a story about himself which included details of a conviction that is now spent. Kevin told us that over the course of a year, he had made approximately three or four requests to the organisation to remove

Jeremy contacted our helpline when he needed some advice around the disclosure of a motoring offence. Jeremy explained that he had recently finished university and had been offered a solicitors training contract with a law firm. At a recent meeting with the solicitors he’d been told that under Solicitors Regulation Authority guidelines he needed to

Evan contacted our helpline after losing his teaching job as a result of a conviction for assault. He explained that he wouldn’t have classed himself as a violent person and in all his years of teaching, he had never lost his temper with any of his pupils. He had always been well thought of by

Patricia contacted our helpline for advice after her employer had threatened to suspend her for non-disclosure of her criminal record. Patricia told us that she had been employed by her present company for approximately 3 years. Knowing that her convictions would show on her Disclosure and Barring Service check, she disclosed them to her line

Bernadette contacted our helpline desperate for any help we could give her around her employment situation. In the early 1990’s Bernadette received a conviction for theft. She was convicted of two separate offences and, despite being very young at the time and this being her first offence, it resulted in a prison sentence. Bernadette explained

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