Darpak contacted our helpline very concerned about the impact of a motoring offence on his future employment and also his ability to become a trustee of a local charity group attended by his daughter. Darpak explained that although he currently held a senior management position which had not been affected by his conviction, he was

Kelvin contacted our helpline as he wanted some information about the cost of applying to have his Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) discharged, as well as details of any solicitors that could help him do this. Kelvin explained that although he was really keen to do this, as it was seriously affecting his chances of

Sally contacted our helpline for some advice on applying for a job as a prison officer. She explained that she had passed the online Prison Officer Selection Test and had attended an assessment day which she had completed successfully. The assessment day had reinforced her determination to work as a prison officer but she was

Richard contacted our helpline for some advice following a request he’d made to his previous employer for a reference. He’d worked for them for almost 20 years and his advisor at the job centre suggested that getting their agreement to provide a reference would help him when filling out job application forms. His previous employers

Ray contacted our helpline for some advice regarding travel to the US. In 2011 Ray had been convicted of 3 minor offences and having decided to visit the US for a holiday, he sought some advice from an immigration solicitor about whether he would be allowed to visit as he’d heard that anybody with a

Christopher contacted our helpline for some advice around enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks. He’d worked as a service engineer on a sub-contracting basis for over 4 years, primarily in residential care homes. Recently the company he worked for had been awarded two new contracts working in schools and they had told him that they needed

Sadie contacted the Unlock Helpline for some advice around the disqualification by association requirements. She had been studying for a teaching qualification (PGCE) at university, teaching secondary school-aged children, when details of her new partner’s conviction for a sexual offence were disclosed as additional information on her enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate. She had

Virginia contacted our helpline because she wanted clarification around the filtering of convictions from Disclosure and Barring Service checks. She explained that over 20 years ago she had received a suspended sentence for a fraud offence. She told us that at the time, she didn’t know what she was getting involved in, as far as she

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Daniel contacted our helpline for advice about applying to Google to have links to his name removed. In 2007, he had received a two year prison sentence for possession of a firearm and threats to kill. Daniel stated that at the time of his conviction, he had been drinking heavily and was trying to deal with

Pheobe contacted our helpline as she wanted clarification that her conviction was spent and did not need to be disclosed when applying to become a member of the Board of Governors at her child’s school. We explained to Pheobe that generally school governor roles were exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders 1974 and would usually

Jennifer contacted our helpline when she was applying for a job as the Chief Executive Officer of a large, well-known organisation. She explained that the wording on the application form was a little unclear as it asked: Do you have any cautions or convictions? Jennifer was also unsure whether her conviction was spent and wanted

Terence contacted our helpline when he needed some advice on behalf of himself and his partner. Following his conviction, Terence had been placed on the sex offenders register. As part of his notification requirements, he was required to notify the public protection officer at his local police station of any new relationships. Shortly after being

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