Following receipt of a caution for ABH, Albert contacted our helpline as he was extremely concerned that his caution could affect his daughter’s current job. Albert stated that his daughter was working in a nursery and had been told by her manager that it was company policy that if any member of her household was arrested

Celine contacted our helpline after both her son and daughter had been suspended from their teaching roles under the Disqualification by Association (DbA) requirements because they had returned to live with her. Having recently been released from prison, Celine’s conviction was unspent and, as her children both taught under 8’s they were suspended from teaching until

Paul contacted our helpline after a major insurance company cancelled his motor insurance policy as they believed that he’d failed to disclose an unspent conviction. Paul had been careful to ensure that his policy started on the day his conviction became spent so that he wouldn’t have any need to disclose it. We confirmed that based

Wendy contacted our helpline following the offer of a teaching role in a local school. She’d just received her enhanced DBS certificate and was shocked to see that a conviction she’d received 22 years ago was disclosed on it. Wendy explained that prior to applying for the job she’d contacted the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Diana had been working as a receptionist at a GP’s surgery for two weeks when she received her enhanced DBS certificate. She was horrified to see that it disclosed two theft convictions from 1987 and 1990. After nearly 30 years, she hadn’t expected them to appear on a criminal record check and due to the

Fiona contacted our helpline for some information and advice around filtering and disclosure. She had received a caution for common assault in 2010 and had been told by the police at the time that it would be deleted after five years. She had subsequently discovered that her caution would remain on the Police National Computer until

Charlotte contacted our helpline for some advice due to issues she was having in being accepted onto a nursing course at university. As part of the application process, Charlotte was asked to complete a declaration form by the university which asked her to: “Declare any cautions or convictions you have ever received.” Wishing to answer the

Larry contacted our helpline for some advice about finding a job with an unspent conviction. Larry stated that he’d recently been released from prison after serving two and a half years of a five year sentence for robbery. He was desperate to find a job so that he could afford to rent somewhere to live and

William contacted our helpline after he’d received a copy of his Subject Access Request (SAR) from the police and discovered that a conviction for possession of Class C drugs had been recorded twice on the Police National Computer (by the British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police). He immediately contacted ACRO Criminal Records Office who confirmed

Andy contacted our helpline for some advice after his employer, a local council, had requested an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for his role working as an apprentice in their Revenue Office. Andy explained that he had no face to face contact with clients, answering all enquiries over the telephone and believed that

Danny contacted our helpline for some advice after his employer, a company selling disability aids, had requested an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for his role as a driver/technician, stating that he would be required to instruct and train ‘vulnerable’ adults in the use of some of the equipment he was delivering. In

A few years ago Derek contacted our helpline for some advice around standing for election as a local councillor. Despite the role of a local councillor being covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, the Electoral Commission guidance stated that any individual who had received a prison sentence of 3 months or more (including a

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