Katie contacted our helpline for some advice around employment after she’d been cautioned by the police for common assault after ‘slapping’ her 7-year old son Jake. Katie explained that this incident had been completely out of character but Jake’s behaviour whilst out having a family meal had been terrible and had included him hitting and

Hilary contacted our helpline following an issue that her son Jack was having with his Public Protection Unit officer (PPU). Hilary explained that Jack had been convicted of a sexting offence in 2017 which resulted in him being put on the Sex Offenders Register and receiving a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO). Since his conviction

Gerry contacted our helpline for some advice around employment and, in particular, the pressure he was being put under by the police and probation to disclose his conviction to his employer, even though his employers had never asked him to disclose. Gerry explained that he’d been convicted of a sexual offence and although he’d never

Alan contacted our helpline after he’d received a letter from his local council following an application to go onto their housing register. The council had written to Alan asking him to provide proof of his convictions and stating that they would accept his Subject Access Request (SAR) as evidence. We advised him that requesting a

Teresa contacted our helpline as she needed advice following a meeting with her employers to discuss an anonymous ‘tip off’ they’d received that she was “a drug addict with convictions for drug offences”. Teresa explained that in the past she had taken drugs and had also received a caution for possession. However, as her caution

Sandra contacted our helpline on behalf of her daughter who was experiencing difficulties in getting onto a college course due to her criminal record. Sandra explained that due to the nature of the course, her daughter had needed to apply for an enhanced DBS check which had disclosed that when she was aged 14, she

Abbie contacted our helpline for some advice after a director of the company she worked for had become aware of her convictions following a ‘Google’ search and had asked her to provide ‘proof’ that her convictions were spent. Abbie explained that her director had become aware of the online information through another work colleague and

Geraldine contacted our helpline following a job offer teaching adults. Geraldine explained that her employers had initially told her that they would be carrying out a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check which she happily agreed to. However, several days later she’d been contacted by the HR department who informed her that on one day

Following his successful appointment to a job working in a call centre, Arthur had been told by his new employer that he would need to apply for a basic criminal record check. His employer provided him with a link to an online application form which Arthur used to complete the check. On receiving his basic

As part of his sentence in 2012, Joseph was put on the Sex Offenders Register for five years and given an indefinite SOPO. Whilst he’d always been concerned that there were some fundamental flaws with the SOPO, he’d been advised to ‘live with it’. As 6 years had passed since the conviction, Joseph was considering

Alice had been employed as a care support worker for 15 years during which time she’d worked for several different companies who were responsible for running a care home contract. They’d all been aware of her historic (over 30 years old) convictions and had always risk assessed her as ‘posing no threat to clients’. However,

Wayne had been working as a consultant for several years when he was offered a paid job working for one of his clients. After accepting the job he’d been told that he would be working on a government contract and would need security clearance. Wayne contacted our helpline and explained that he had two convictions which

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