Sean contacted our helpline for some advice in answering a vetting form which he’d been given by a potential employer. Sean explained that he’d been working for the company as a contractor but was in the process of transferring to being a permanent member of staff. He’d been asked to complete a vetting form which

Mehmet contacted our helpline following an application he’d made for a volunteering role with a well-known charity. Mehmet explained that having recently been accepted by the charity as a volunteer he’d just been told that he would need to have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check prior to starting his training. He was concerned

Charles contacted our helpline following a job offer he’d received for a university lecturer’s job in China. He’d been told that he would need to provide a police certificate in order to get a work visa and he wanted to know whether his two convictions would be disclosed. When our advisor explained that the convictions

After working for a bank for several years, Felix had applied for a new role as a mortgage broker. The bank had carried out a basic DBS check when Felix was initially employed but, as his convictions were spent, nothing was disclosed on his certificate. However, he had recently discovered that his new role would

Caleb contacted our helpline as he was concerned that a recruitment agency were going to carry out an ineligible criminal record check. Caleb explained that he had a spent conviction for criminal damage from 2016. He’d always been very embarrassed about it and found it difficult to talk about and, it was for this reason

Wes contacted our helpline for some advice as he was concerned about how much access he should give a potential employer to his criminal record. Wes explained that he’d applied for a job as a university lecturer following an approach by the Head of Faculty. He knew that as his role would bring him into

Harold recently contacted our helpline for some advice after his local council refused him a taxi licence due to the non-disclosure of his historic convictions. He explained that as his convictions were from 30 years ago, he’d assumed that they were spent and therefore didn’t need to be disclosed. Immediately he became aware that his

Sheila contacted our helpline for some advice after she’d booked a family holiday to America. Sheila explained that after completing the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) form which had been approved, she started to worry that she should have disclosed her husband’s criminal record from 2011. Stories she’d read online seemed to suggest that

Toni recently contacted our helpline for some advice around what she needed to disclose when applying for a job as a teaching assistant in a school. One of her main problems was that she was unsure of the exact details of her conviction. We advised Toni to apply for a subject access request (SAR) from

Charlie contacted our helpline for some advice around disclosing his criminal record. He explained that he’d been working in a warehouse through an agency but had been asked to apply directly to the employer for a full-time, permanent role. The company had told him that they would be carrying out a basic criminal record check

Terence received a conviction for a sexual offence when he was a teenager; he’s now in his 40’s. He contacted our helpline recently seeking advice around an issue he was having with social services. Terence explained that he had recently started a relationship with a lady who had two children. However, they had been forced

Davina contacted our helpline as she needed some advice around an application to university. She was applying for a nursing course which would require an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check but she was unsure whether her conviction for common assault from 2015 would be disclosed on her DBS certificate. We explained to Davina that

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