Keen to support her husband in a custody case where he was trying to gain access to his children from a previous relationship, Olivia was surprised when her criminal record was mentioned in the case in the Family Court. Despite explaining that she hadn’t been in any trouble for over five years and that her

After being the victim of domestic violence, Julia was moved to a women’s refuge. She was working for an agency at the time but, following this incident, didn’t feel that she was in a fit state to attend work. Despite contacting the agency prior to the start of her shift and letting them know that

Paul had been convicted of a sexual offence about 20 years ago which resulted in a short prison sentence. Ashamed and embarrassed about the conviction, Paul did everything he could to move on from it. This meant making sure that he never put himself in a position where he needed to disclose it, for example

When Roy’s son was convicted of a criminal offence, it was the first time that any member of his family had experienced the criminal justice system. The conviction impacted on every member of his family and there were many times when they felt demoralised with little hope for the future. They could see no end

As a young adult, Tony had been part of a gang who regularly got into trouble with the police. This had resulted in him receiving four convictions, three of which were for theft/burglary offences. His last conviction was over 30 years ago. In 1978 he had been convicted of a sexual offence, “intercourse with a

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