Tom contacted our helpline for some advice on a problem he was having in completing a teaching qualification at university. Tom explained that he had just started a teacher training course when his partner had been arrested for being in possession of indecent images. Tom told the university about the situation with his partner and

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Anne contacted our helpline when she was looking for advice and support around an Appeal Hearing she was going through with a university. Anne had been studying for a PhD; her research being based around the effects of long prison sentences on young people. She’d completed her oral examination (subject to some minor corrections) in late

  Connor posted on our forum asking for information and advice from other forum members about a problem he was having with a University application. Connor had applied to study at university disclosing his unspent conviction at that time. Shortly after his application he received notification from the university stating that as his offence was

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  Jamie contacted our helpline after discovering that details of his spent conviction flagged up on the internet when he searched for his name. As he’d been looking to set up his own business, Jamie was extremely worried that if potential customers and suppliers were to carry out informal searches on him, then they would

  Mia contacted our helpline for some advice about travelling abroad whilst on licence. Mia told us that she was currently on licence for two years having been released from prison several months previously. Since her release from prison, Mia had been regularly doing charity work and had secured a place at university. She explained

Lee contacted our helpline after receiving a call from his Public Protection Unit (PPU) Officer who stated that he wanted to arrange a time to meet with Lee and his employers to disclose Lee’s conviction. Lee was extremely upset when he spoke to us and stated that he’d been really shocked to get the call. He explained

Anne contacted our helpline when she required advice and support around an appeal hearing she was going through with her university. Anne had been studying for a PhD. She passed her oral examination subject to some minor corrections just over two years ago and a submission date for the completed thesis was set for a couple of months

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  Alistair contacted us after a decision by a supermarket to revoke their delivery driver job offer to him following disclosure of a conviction which had come back on a basic criminal record check. Alistair said that before he’d applied for the job he’s checked to see the status of his conviction and had been

Adam and his wife had recently applied to be adoptive parents. In the last eighties, he had been convicted of using threatening language and fined £75. Until 2009 old and minor convictions such as this could be ‘stepped-down’ by the police and so were not disclosed on an enhanced checks. As a result, Adam didn’t disclose

Neil was working for a security company when his licence expired. He was shocked when the Security Industry Authority refused to renew it after changing its policies so that it no longer employed anyone who had been in prison for more than 24 months. Neil had a three-year prison sentence dating back 28 years. “It

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