An update on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

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It’s been just over 3 months since the changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 came into force in England & Wales. At that time, we published an updatewhich featured new materials that we’d produced, as well as our updated detailed guidance.

Since that point, we’ve learnt quite a bit about how these changes are working in practice, mainly through cases that have come through our helpline. So we thought it was about time we produced another update, highlighting a couple of important practical areas.

Read this update in full on our Information Hub.


Summary of the update

  1. The importance of getting a copy of your basic disclosure
  2. The way that ‘court orders’ such as restraining orders and SOPO’s can impact on when a conviction becomes spent
  3. The way that ‘compensation orders’ work with Disclosure Scotland and basic checks
  4. The confusion that surrounds motoring convictions
  5. New ‘Easy Read’ guide on the ROA published
  6. Updated ‘ROA FAQ’s’
  7. Send us your examples/evidence

Find out more about all of these in the full update on our Information Hub.

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