Sam Doohan | Policy officer

Short bio

Sam is Policy Officer at Unlock. With a focus on reforming the criminal records regime, he will build on Unlock’s recent work – including successful legal intervention in the Supreme Court, the #FairChecks movement and work on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 – to influence policy makers and key stakeholders to secure changes to legislation and government policy.   

He will also support the development of Unlock’s strategy of using the law for achieving change in policy, as well as building on the charity’s previous research to develop a strategy that strengthens the evidence-base for changes in policies and practices that will have a positive impact on the lives of people we exist to help. 

Full bio

Sam joined Unlock in 2020.  Sam studied journalism at the University of Lincoln, then went on to complete a Masters in Political Communication at the University of Sheffield. After university he joined a media agency, working as a writer and producer with a number of blue chip corporate clients. He had the chance to produce an independent documentary about former offenders, and after that experience decided to focus his career on more impactful social issues. His first role in advocacy was in the heritage sector, campaigning to protect listed buildings, before moving to Unlock in 2020.

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