Case study – David – “As an ex-offender, I thought I had a good grasp”

David is a project manager of a charity based in London. He booked himself on one of our one-day criminal record disclosure courses as he provides advice to people with criminal records.

Afterwards, he sent us this feedback:


“I had to write in and let you know how I appreciate the criminal record disclosure training I attended earlier this year and how it’s improved the information I can provide my clients regarding their criminal convictions.


As an ex-offender myself, I have always had to disclose my convictions due to my job role (working with vulnerable adults). I thought I had a good grasp on the ROA 1974 until I attended the training.


The amount of new information I learned on the day was extensive and extremely thorough. It was presented very clearly and you made some difficult parts easy to understand. I can honestly say that I normally struggle in this type of environment but found the day fly by.


I thoroughly recommend service providers who work with ex-offenders to attend this training day as we owe it to the people we work with to provide accurate and up to date information.”


Notes about this case study

This case study relates to Unlock’s criminal record disclosure training.

Names and details have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

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