Case study – Brian – Finding trusted and factual information improves mental wellbeing

Although Brian’s conviction for a minor offence was over 25 years ago he was still struggling to move forwards.

Brian’s conviction forever worried him, it often kept him awake at night and occasionally led to periods of real despair. Over the years, the constant fear of being ‘found out’ for being a ‘bad’ person tainted many happy times in his life.

Brian explained how his anxiety had been exacerbated in the past by reading inaccurate information online or other types of internet horror stories. Reading other people’s opinions or misconceptions frightened him even though he knew they were not based on fact.

During a further internet search several months ago, Brian came across Unlock. Discovering that the charity recruited people with convictions to deliver its front-line information service made a real difference to Brian and added a legitimacy to what he was reading. The information he found on theInformationHub helped him to understand the facts of his situation and take the necessary action to enable him to feel more in control of his life.

Brian said:

“Your website is so incredibly helpful – such a wealth of information that can be trusted and delivered in a clear, factual and non-alarmist way. I love the way you have drawn together other documentation and information from other sources so it is available to everyone.


It sounds dramatic but I really feel you have improved my whole life and my mental wellbeing”.



It’s always sad to hear stories of people whose lives continue to be affected by mistakes they made many years ago. Inaccurate information online and society’s treatment and discrimination towards people with a criminal record can mean that people struggling to cope fail to get the help and support they need.


Notes about this case study

This case study relates to our information site.

Names and details have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

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