This page highlights some of the case studies and success stories that have come about as a result of our:

  1. Support for individuals
  2. Policy & campaign work
  3. Support for practitioners
  4. Work with employers
  5. Work with other organisations

We also feature personal success stories as part of our online magazine, theRecord.

1. Case studies and success stories – Our support for individuals

Through providing direct and online information, advice and support, we help people to move on positively in their lives.

A selection of stories involving people that we’ve helped can be found below. For the latest stories relating to our support, click here.

Selected helpline case studies

More helpline case studies are available here.

Selected case work case studies

More case work case studies available here.

Case studies about other support for individuals

2. Case studies – Our policy & campaign work

Through our policy and campaign work, the changes that we achieve help to improve the life chances of people with convictions.

Examples of our policy & campaign work can be found below.

You can also find examples of what we’ve achieved and future successes will also be posted here. Also see our successes with employers below.

Separately, we publish policy cases – these are examples that show the need for change.

3. Case studies and success stories – Our support for practitioners

Through providing training and support to providers and practitioners, we help to ensure people with a criminal record receive accurate, reliable advice and support from others.

A selection of stories involved practitioners that we’ve helped can be found below. For the latest success stories relating to our support for practitioners, click here.

4. Case studies and success stories – Our work with employers

Through working with employers, we help them to employ people with convictions and deal with criminal records fairly.

As part of our Fair Access to Employment project, we publish case studies of some of the employers that we’ve worked with. These case studies are available on Recruit!, our website for employers.

5. Case studies and success stories – Our work with other organisations

Through working with other organisations, we help to make sure that they treat people with convictions fairly. There’s more details about this work here.

A selection of case studies are below and you can also see the latest ones.

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