As part of our project fair access to employment project, alongside our work to support employers to develop good practice, we’re also on the look-out for evidence of bad practice by employers with regards to the policies and processes that they have in place for job applicants with criminal records.


What do we mean by bad practice?

This could include employers that:

  1. Have a blanket policy of not recruiting anybody with unspent convictions
  2. Carry out DBS checks for roles not eligible for them
  3. Request applicants to provide a copy of their ‘police record’ (also known as ‘enforced subject access’)
  4. Don’t give applicants an opportunity to explain their criminal record

Take a look at some of the examples we’ve posted on our website for employers.


Why do we want examples?

We’re trying to collect as much evidence of bad practice as possible. As part of this project, we’re both supporting and challenging employers. In some cases, we raise it directly with those responsible. In other situations, we press for action to be taken by others. Ultimately, we want to see employers operate fair and inclusive practices towards people with a criminal record.


How can I send examples?

Sending us bad practice is easy. Simply send the details (confidentially) to Send us as much detail as possible, including attachments, links and other relevant information.

Any personal details that we receive will be handled confidentially. More details on how we handle information such as this can be found here.


What do we do with the details we receive?

We may take this up with the employer directly, or we may work with other relevant parties.

Where we’ve been successful in achieving changes in practice, we write the example up anonymously and post it on our website for employers to help employers learn where others have gone wrong.

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