This is our landing page for all things related to changes to charity rules coming into force in 2018 that affect people with criminal records and what roles they can be involved in. These have come about because of the implementation of section 9 of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016.

On this page you will find the latest news, useful resources and the timescales for the changes.


Latest news

1st February 2018New guidance and tools published to help charities and individuals deal with changes to charity rules and criminal records

You can also read older news posts on this website, our information site for individuals and our website for employers.


Useful resources

Timescales for the changes

  • January 2018 – Charity Commission publishes guidance on disqualification rules
  • 1st February 2018 – ‘Advance waiver’ opens. Any individual that applies for a waiver before 1st August 2018 is protected from impact of changes on 1st August until a decision has been made on their application (including any appeal). Unlock publishes guidance for charities and individuals.
  • February to July 2018 – Charities should follow the steps in our guidance for charities. Individuals should apply for a waiver if they will be disqualified by 1st August 2018.
  • 1st August 2018 – New rules come into force. Rules will apply to all existing and new trustees and senior manager positions
  • August 2018 – Our guidance for charities and individuals will be updated to remove references to the transitional period between February 2018 and August 2018.
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