Help us make a difference

As part of our policy & campaign work, we’re always looking for evidence of the problems people with criminal records are facing. We use this to help us raise awareness, develop solutions and influence change.

If you have experienced any of the following, please click the link and get in touch.

1. Do you have a conviction that will never be spent?

2. Has an employer wrongly carried out a standard or enhanced DBS check?

3. Do you have a caution or conviction that can never be filtered?

4. Experienced bad policy or practice by employers?

5. Has your criminal record made it difficult to access social housing?

6. What’s your experience of ban the box?

7. Affected by online publication of a spent conviction?

8. Are you disqualified from acting as charity trustee or senior manager?

What we do with your information

Gathering evidence from people with criminal records is part of our ‘ear to the ground, voice to the top‘ approach. Your information helps us better understand the issues people are facing, develop solutions and campaign for change. We use the information you send us to raise awareness, challenge bad practice and influence policy so we can improve the prospects of law abiding people with criminal records.

We may use anonymised data as part of a policy report, a case study on one of our websites, or when working with another organisation. Any information you provide will be kept in line with our confidentiality policy. Any personal information provided to us will not be shared externally without your consent.

Find out more about how we handle your data.

Send your experiences and evidence

We are focusing on the problems above because we know these are common. If you are experiencing other problems we still want to hear from you. You can contact us by:

  1. completing an online form
  2. sending an email to:
  3. sending a letter to: Policy, Unlock, MCSC, 39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1HH

We consider all evidence that is sent to us but we can’t respond to all of the evidence that we receive. If you’re looking for advice please use our information hub or contact our helpline.

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