How can we help?

We regularly receive requests to promote opportunities, events, research and media requests to people with convictions.

Although this is not something we’re directly funded to do, we are able to offer the opportunity for you to ‘advertise’ to people with convictions.

We do this through our online magazine, theRecord, which has over 3,000 subscribers.

We are able to send direct mailshots to subscribers of theRecord or place adverts on the site itself.


Benefits of advertising

  • theRecord has over 3,000 subscribers. This means they receive notifications when new articles are posted on the site, or can be sent a direct mailshot by email.
  • The target market for the magazine is people with convictions (and their families). It also reaches out to individuals and professionals involved in assisting these groups with issues including employment, legal, social, education and finance.
  • Over 70% on the mailing list are people with convictions, and the rest are a mixture of support workers and other organisations working with people who have convictions.
  • The magazine is linked to from the homepage of Unlock’s main site, which has over 15,000 unique visitors per month.


Why advertise?

theRecord is unusual in a couple of important ways.

Firstly, it’s very much ‘for people with convictions, by people with convictions’. That means articles are nearly always written by people with convictions, rather than by organisations.

Secondly, it’s not externally funded. The people who work on theRecord are volunteers. In addition to giving the community its own platform, the magazine aims to bring in a small unrestricted revenue to help Unlock continue its important charitable work.

Hence, in cases where we are helping others to achieve their objectives, whether charitable or profitable, we request a contribution to our own mission – via a small charge. This is standard across the board.


Examples of adverts


Types of adverts we’ve had in the past include:

  • Services (e.g. insurance, legal advice, projects)
  • Upcoming events
  • Employment or volunteering opportunities
  • Research and media requests

In 2016, we worked with the Centre for Entrepreneurs to circulate a survey. This received well over 100 responses.

In 2015, we worked with the Co-operative Insurance group to get the input of people with convictions into their work.

There are links to some of our other single direct mailshots below:


Advertising options

Single direct mailshot

Sent direct to all subscribers of theRecord by email. Length/style at advertisers discretion.


Monthly side column – Large

Both the large and small side column adverts appear on every page of the site.

Monthly side column – Small

Both the large and small side column adverts appear on every page of the site.

Adverts are at our discretion

As a charity that advocates for people with convictions, Unlock reserves the right to edit or refuse to accept content considered inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading or otherwise not in the interests of Unlock or its subscribers.


Interested? Get in touch….

Email or telephone 01622  230705 for details of our advertising rates, and for instructions of how to place an advert.

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