Appeal against High Court ruling on disproportionate criminal records disclosure scheme scheduled

Since the High Court ruling in January, which found that the current criminal record disclosure scheme for standard/enhanced checks was disproportionate, lots of people have been asking us what would happen next.

We’re now in a position to say that the Government has appealed against the High Court ruling (which to some extent we expected) – this means that the case will go up to the Court of Appeal. The case is being heard with three other cases that involve the ‘type of offence’ exclusion (which is another area we think needs to change).

The case has been listed to be heard in February 2017 with a judgement expected later in the year.

In the meantime, nothing changes. The current DBS filtering system remains in force. If the outcome of the appeal goes the right way from our perspective, the government would need to look at extending the filtering process.

Written by Christopher Stacey, Co-director of Unlock


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  • Claudia

    Hello, Thank you for a wonderful person like Christopher Stacey and others at ‘Unlock’. Words cannot describe how depressed and frustrated I have been feeling, still paying for my past mistakes that won’t even be filtered (two counts of the same offence, one and only conviction). Working as biotechnology scientist with no prospects of applying for job somewhere else and making progress for the fear of my employer to find out about my past indiscretions. I’ve been crying and regretting my mistakes for the past 8 years! At least you and your charity are offering some hope!
    Best Regards

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