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Issues we’re interested in

We are more than happy to talk to the media. Although we can be very chatty, we only really want to go on record about topics for which we have evidence, experience and expertise to back up what we say.

Issues we’re interested in are:

  1. Disclosing criminal records
  2. Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
  3. Criminal record checks (including DBS checks) and their impact on people with criminal records
  4. Recruiting people with criminal records
  5. Involving people with convictions in education, training and volunteering
  6. Insurance and criminal convictions
  7. Issues faced by people with convictions as a result of their criminal record

So, if you are looking to write an article, create a programme or something similar about any of the above, then please get in touch with our media spokesperson.

Latest news

Media enquiries – Contact our media spokesperson

Our media spokesperson is Christopher Stacey, Co-director.

To arrange an interview with Christopher, or for other media enquiries:

If he’s unavailable, leave him a message. Alternatively, call the main office on 01622 230705 (Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm).

If you are looking for personal information or advice relating to a criminal record, please contact our helpline.


Press release list

If you would like to receive advanced/embargoed copies of our press releases, email admin@unlock.org.uk with your name, email address and reason why you’d like to receive them. We’ll let you know once you’ve been added to our list, and you’ll need to confirm this by clicking a link in an automatic email that will be sent to you.

Please note: Embargoed press releases are sent to press and media only. If that’s not you, you can sign up to our mailing list, which is how all of our public press releases are distributed once published.


About Unlock

Providing case studies

On issues that we’re interested in, we will always try to provide case studies.

We will normally only provide anonymous case studies. Any individuals that we put in contact with the media will usually be on the basis that their personal details are changed so that they cannot be identified.

Contacting people with convictions

We receive a lot of requests from media reporters, researchers and others for help in being put into contact with individuals who have convictions.

We may be able to help where the subject that you’re looking at relates to the issues we’re interested in. Often, our staff can speak from their own personal experience as well as their work at Unlock.

Where the subject is not related to the issues we directly cover as a charity, we may be able to ‘advertise’ your request to those who receive updates from us.

If you’re looking to be put in contact with individuals on a specific story, and are not looking for a contribution from Unlock, please email admin@unlock.org.uk or call 01622 230705 and ask to speak to Debbie Young.


Requests from researchers and students

Unlock is a small charity with limited resources. As part of our strategy, we are able to support certain research projects where the subject matter closely links with issues that we’re focused on as a charity. We are keen to encourage, promote and support research into the long-term impact of criminal records on people’s lives.

You can get in touch with us at research@unlock.org.uk.

We receive requests from researchers and students on a regular basis and sadly do not have the capacity to support all of them. Where we are unable to provide direct support, we have designed and built our website with researchers and students in mind and we’re confident that you will be able to find significant amounts of useful information that should support your work. And we’re always keen to see outputs of research and see how we can promote the dissemination of the findings.

Past employees

Please note, only current directors and employees are authorised to represent the charity in the media. Former employees should not be presented as representing the charity. Unlock will insist on a full retraction if it is misrepresented.

Members of Unlock

Membership of Unlock is used as a way of accessing our online forum. All members are required to agree to the terms that apply. This includes members being prohibited from acting in a way that could be seen as attempting to represent the organisation. Any views expressed by members of Unlock’s forum do not necessarily represent the organisation’s values or viewpoint. Unlock will insist on a full retraction if it is misrepresented.

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