Commenting on today’s news of changes to the childcare disqualification arrangements, Christopher Stacey, co-director of Unlock, said: “Today’s announcement to scrap the ‘disqualification by association’ rule from schools is long overdue but very welcomed. We’ve been calling for it to be scrapped for nearly 4 years because it did nothing to contribute towards safeguarding in

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As a result of his conviction, Terence was required to notify his public protection officer of any new relationships that he started. Shortly after meeting Lauren through friends, Terence disclosed his conviction to her and she agreed to go with him to the police station to meet his public protection officer. At that meeting, Lauren

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Sadie had been studying for a teaching qualification at university when details of her new partner’s conviction for a sexual offence were disclosed on the additional information section of her enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate. On receipt of the certificate, the university immediately contacted her to inform her that it was likely she would

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When she was 38 weeks pregnant, Louisa was told by her employer (a school) that as a result of her husband’s criminal record, she was ‘disqualified by association’ and would be suspended from her job as a teacher until she had applied for, and been granted a waiver, by Ofsted. The school provided her with

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In 2017 Cheryl’s son was convicted of a sexual offence. He received a suspended sentence and was put on the Sex Offenders Register. Immediately the result of the case was known Cheryl, who was working as a primary school teacher, went to see the head teacher of her school to explain the situation. Although the

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Tom contacted our helpline for some advice on a problem he was having in completing a teaching qualification at university. Tom explained that he had just started a teacher training course when his partner had been arrested for being in possession of indecent images. Tom told the university about the situation with his partner and

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We have today published our response to the Government consultation on childcare disqualification Background In May 2016, the Department for Education launched a consultation into amending the childcare disqualification arrangements. Download: Submission – Response to the Government consultation on childcare disqualification More information about our policy work on disqualification by association.

Ever since ‘disqualification by association’ (DbA) hit the headlines about 18 months ago, we have been working to try and scrap the regulations that have had a significant and unnecessary impact on the partners of those with a criminal record. Earlier this month, the Department for Education (DfE) published a consultation with proposals for change.

Following the introduction yesterday of statutory guidance by the Department of Education yesterday on disqualifications under the Childcare Act 2006, Christopher Stacey, Co-Director at Unlock, said: “We very much welcome the new guidance. The Government has responded to a number of the issues that we, and others, had raised following their initial advice in October 2014.”

Disqualification by association

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Christopher Stacey speaks to Radio Cornwall regarding  the disqualification by association  guidelines affecting hundreds of primary school staff in England. You can listen to the  Radio Cornwall  programme here  (2 hours 8 minutes in ) (available until 11th March 2015)  

The NUT are reporting that the Department for Education has agreed concessions on their guidance about the childcare disqualification requirements. On the Nottingham City NUT website, it states: “The Union’s threat to challenge the DfE’s supplementary advice on the Childcare Disqualification legislation and its application to schools in the High Court has successfully drawn concessions

In late November 2014, the Independent reported “teachers to be barred for living with offenders under new rules.” This followed advice issued by the Department of Education a month earlier. Commenting on the impact of this news, Christopher Stacey, Co-Director of Unlock, today said: “We are very concerned about these regulations. There is very little logic

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