We’ve just published our update for February 2017.             This months update includes: Some updated information on getting a mortgage if you have an unspent conviction An advice post setting out the eligibility for an enhanced DBS check if you work as a contractor in a school or care home

We’ve just published our update for January 2017.             This months update includes: Some new information on working in the criminal justice sector and prison vetting A personal view on working with job centre advisors who don’t always understand the problems ex-offenders face when seeking employment Unlock’s co-founder, Bob Turney’s

We were recently contacted by an individual who was confused by the terms and conditions of a television company’s application form which he was in the process of completing. The application form stated:   You must disclose to the Producer details of any criminal convictions and/or unspent convictions other than driving offences which have not

We were recently contacted by an individual who had been seeking an online quote for home contents insurance from an insurance broker. The broker’s online application form asked applicants to disclose all unspent convictions and provided a link to a table setting out the relevant rehabilitation periods for various sentences and disposals. However, despite the

We were contacted by an individual who had applied for public liability insurance using an online comparison website. In order to obtain a quote the individual was asked to disclose the convictions, both spent and unspent, of all family members, even those that were not involved in the running of the business. As it was

We were recently contacted by an insurance broker who wished to place an advert on our online magazine, theRecord. In line with our standard procedures, we reviewed the insurer’s website to ensure that they were a reputable company and able to help people with convictions. Although the organisation were offering a range of products suitable

We’ve just published our update for December 2016.             This months update includes: Some new information on relationships, children and dealing with social services if you have been convicted of a sexual offence A personal view on disclosing a conviction to a new partner and travelling together to Canada A

Looking back over the last couple of months, we’ve written up a few examples of the people we’ve helped. We hope they give a good idea of how we help people. However, more importantly than our role, we think that these examples show how people with convictions are able to overcome some of the barriers

Paul contacted our helpline as he wanted some help and advice about getting back into work after receiving a conviction for a sexual offence. Paul explained that he’d had an exemplary work record until he disclosed his conviction to his employer. Although he had worked for the same organisation for a considerable amount of time,

Nick contacted our helpline as he wanted some help and reassurance over a situation he’d found himself in with a new employer. Nick told us that when he was growing up, he’d ‘got in with the wrong crowd’ and received several cautions and convictions. They were all for very minor things but he felt very ashamed

Max contacted our helpline as he needed some help in applying for a new job. In particular, he wanted advice as to what his chances of success would be when an employer saw the details of his criminal record on his Disclosure and Barring certificate which related to a violent offence. Max explained that he was

We’ve just published our update for November 2016.             This months update includes: Some new information on becoming a police officer A personal view on volunteering for Unlock whilst in prison A link to discussions which have been taking place on our online forum around the ‘Google-effect’ Details of a

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