Looking back over the last couple of months, we’ve written up a few examples of the people we’ve helped. We hope they give a good idea of how we help people. However, more importantly than our role, we think that these examples show how people with convictions are able to overcome some of the barriers

Penny contacted our helpline for some advice after her employers, a local council, had requested an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check for a new role in a different department which Penny believed would only be eligible for a basic check. Her job involved dealing with complaints from local residents relating to environmental issues and

Richard contacted our helpline for some advice following a request he’d made to his previous employer for a reference. He’d worked for them for almost 20 years and his advisor at the job centre suggested that getting their agreement to provide a reference would help him when filling out job application forms. His previous employers

Ray contacted our helpline for some advice regarding travel to the US. In 2011 Ray had been convicted of 3 minor offences and having decided to visit the US for a holiday, he sought some advice from an immigration solicitor about whether he would be allowed to visit as he’d heard that anybody with a

We’ve just published our update for September 2017.             This months update includes: New information on applying for a taxi licence An update to our page on challenging an ineligible Disclosure and Barring Service check A personal story on getting a job working for the NHS following a caution for

We’ve just published our update for August 2017.             This months update includes: Updated information on travelling to the US An advice post detailing ways of disclosing your criminal record if you don’t believe you’ve done anything wrong A personal story on getting permission from probation to return overseas following

Having received his first conviction at the age of 60 for a sexual offence, Fraser had many questions and concerns about moving on with his life with a criminal record. He’d found himself cast out by members of his family, dismissed by his long term employer and feeling cast adrift with the stigma of the

As a young adult, Tony had been part of a gang who regularly got into trouble with the police. This had resulted in him receiving four convictions, three of which were for theft/burglary offences. His last conviction was over 30 years ago. In 1978 he had been convicted of a sexual offence, “intercourse with a

Vince is extremely hard of hearing which can make it difficult for him to communicate with people especially on the telephone. He has found the situation is made worse when he has to listen to complex information or instructions. His friends are always happy to assist him and this generally works well. Having successfully applied

We’ve just published our update for July 2017.             This months update includes: Some new information on hiring a car if you have a criminal record Updated information on complaints about probation which includes advice on complaining about Community Resolution Companies (CRC’s) A personal story on working with young and

In August 2016, we were made aware of a declaration on a building societies corporate ‘buy to let’ mortgage application form which we believed could be misleading. This stated:   I declare that, if I have been convicted of, or cautioned for (or charged but not yet tried with) fraud, arson, robbery or any other

  We were recently contacted by an individual who had been referred by his local job centre to an organisation that ran a job club assisting individuals to get back into work. He was very concerned that the organisation’s referral form asked a question that he believed was misleading and could have led him to

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