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Doug is the helpline coordinator at Unlock. He’s responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the helpline, supporting our volunteers and maintaining the charity’s position as the go to place online for people with convictions.

Contact details for Doug are below.


Full bio

Doug joined Unlock in December 2015. He previously worked in local government.

Doug is responsible for supporting helpline advisor volunteers and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the helpline. He manages a case load of more complex cases where he works to support individuals to challenge unfair treatment they are facing due to their criminal record.

He also supports the information and advice that we provide online, including having input into updating and developing the information site and identifying/publishing stories on theRecord.

Doug is also responsible for identifying, understanding and developing responses to trends and issues that people with convictions are facing due to their criminal record. This ensures that Unlock listens and responds to the problems that people are facing.

Doug is passionate about helping people with criminal records move on with their lives. Through Unlock he is looking to help and support people with convictions, assisting them as they try to move on in their lives and overcome the challenges they face because of their criminal record.


Contact details

Direct dial: 01622 230746        (for personal advice, please contact our helpline)


Please note – If you are looking for personal advice, please contact our helpline

Please note – If you have a media enquiry, click here

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